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Articles » Know Your Fruits



Hey guys do you know that human body has been especially designed to eat fruits? Surprised? Paddle through this information and check it out!

Human digestive system is most distinctively featured to digest fruits…

We have a medium length gastrointestinal tract along with enzymes (in saliva) present in our body, which is ideally suited for the digestion and absorption of fruit. Comparing it with carnivores, they have short digestive tracts and herbivores actually have long gastrointestinal tract. Similarly, we have special vision to identify different colored fruits and hands for grasping and picking it.

Those who start surviving only on fruits, leads to experience benefit within few days. They feel more energetic, cleaner and vigilant. As fruits are soft and stress free medium for digestive tract, digestive system works smoothly and efficiently.

Although it is important to have a varied diet, consuming higher quantities of fruit, especially in juice form, can improve our health and well-being.

Sounds something heavy? Be lighter!

We should have at least five to nine fresh pieces/slices of fruits a day. Want to know why? Let us shuffle from some happening and fruity characteristics…

Fruits consist of water; almost up to 80%, just like the human body.
           There is no other food than fruit on this planet that contains on average 80% water!

Fruits are 100% bad-cholesterol free.
         Animal products like meat and dairy stuff contains high amount of bad-cholesterol i.e. Low-density Lipoprotein and
High-density Lipoprotein (LDL & HDL). These proteins are super mediums for introducing us to heart-attack while fruit is so          kind, it doesn’t have any!

Fruits have fibers too.
         Fibres? As if like plastics? Nope! These are tiny natural fibers, produced by plants with geological processes, biodegradable over          time. It is something more important than the amount of fat consumed by us!

Fruits stimulate the memory.
         Is fruit ultimate brain fuel? Yes till today we never knew it. Fruit has a positive effect on our brains. So guys who are preparing          for exams improve your results with fruits!

Fruits make you feel better.
         Some doctors treat their patients suffering from psychological disorders, with fruits. It serves best for depression, tension,          anxiety etc. Isn’t this reason enough to feel better!

Fruits are damn tasty.
         Scientists say, according to human taste senses, fruits are the tastiest delicacy on the planet. Can’t believe it? Try it out!

Fruits have amazing aroma.
         Fruits are the next aromatic product on earth after flowers. Put some orange peels in bathing water, experience a super and          inexpensive replacement to so called perfumes with chemicals.

Fruits help to detoxify.
         Fruits have wonderful detoxification ability. It can actually help you detoxify and flush out waste toxins and harmful enzymes          from your body.

Fruits have miraculous healing effects.
         Spectacular stories about people that cured from incurable diseases by a strict diet of raw fruits and/or vegetables are well          known, but do we want to believe them? Let us try it out!

Want to know something sensibly funny about fruits and vegetables?

Fruits and vegetables have a unique bonding with human body. We can find many fruits and vegetables complementing the human body organs by shapes and appearances. These are designed by nature for human beings, to learn about its importance. Amazing, right?  Catch the reason – How?

Comparison of Fruits, Dry fruits and Vegetables with Human body parts


 Carrot – Eyes


Slice a carrot and it looks just like an eye, right down to the pattern of the iris. It’s a clear clue that this everyday vegetable is important for vision. Carrots help reducing the risk of developing cataracts.
It also protects against Macular Degeneration (an age-related sight problem) which affects one in four (i.e. 1:4) over-65s.
Do you remember Indian classic TV series ‘Karamchand’, where detective kept on biting carrots whole time? How sharp his eyes were? So let us start munching some carrots!

Walnut – Brain

The gnarled folds of a walnut mimic the appearance of a human brain, which provides a clue to the benefits. Walnuts are the only nuts which contain significant amounts of omega-3 fatty acids. They may also help head off dementia.
It can also help to cure Alzheimer’s disease. If Amitabh Bachhan, in the movie ‘Black’ would have had some walnuts, he might have not victimized with Alzheimer. What say?


Tomato – Heart

Tomato is red and usually has four chambers, just like our heart. Tomatoes are also a great source of Lycopene (a plant chemical that reduces the risk of heart disease and several cancers).
It prevents coronary heart disease as well. So while watching TV, from now onwards we may take sliced tomatoes instead of popcorns!
Grapes – Lungs

Our lungs are made up of branches of very narrow airways that finish up with tiny bunches of tissue called ‘alveoli’. These structures, appear like bunches of grapes. It allows oxygen to pass from the lungs to the blood stream.
Grapes are efficient to low down the risk of lung cancer and ‘emphysema’. Grape seeds contain a chemical called proanthocyanidin, which appears to reduce the severity of asthma triggered by allergy. So what’s gen next necessity to replace smoking? Gulping the grapes! Right?

Ginger – Stomach

Commonly available root ginger often looks just like the stomach. It’s interesting to note that it aids digestion. The Chinese have been using it for over 2,000 years to calm the stomach and cure nausea, while it is also a popularremedy for motion sickness. It could also help protect the growth of tumors. The benefits could go much farther. So drink a glass of ginger-lemon and hit hard an extreme sport. May be bungee-jumping is a good idea!

Banana  – Smile (Depression)  

Cheer yourself up and put a smile on your face by eating a banana. This globally popular fruit contains a protein called ‘tryptophan’. Digested tryptophan gets converted in a chemical neurotransmitter called ‘serotonin’.This is one of the most important mood-regulating hormones in the brain and most anti-depressant drugs work by adjusting levels of serotonin production. You know smiles and happiness are siblings? Hey, they are infectious too!

Mushroom – Ears  

Slice a mushroom in half and it resembles the shape of the human ear. And guess what? Adding it to your cooking, could actually improve your hearing. That’s because mushrooms are one of the few foods in our diet that contain vitamin D. This particular vitamin is important for healthy bones, even for the small and soft ones in the ear that transmit sound to the brain. Good to hear if someone gossips about you!

Hey guys before you attack on fruits its important for you to know the best ways to grab them. Inappropriate way to consume it could go in vain.

Here are some important tips to eat fruits. Learn it well!

Fruits should be properly washed before eating.
Fruits should be sliced as less as possible, it tends to loose its     vital nutritious elements when it comes in contact with air.
Metal knife produces certain biochemical or enzymatic reactions     (oxidation) when touches fruit and exposed to air.
Sliced fruits should not be laid exposed to air and should be     covered well. Flies and mosquitoes could spoil the fruits by     inputting microscopic organisms on it.

Sliced fruits should not be preserved for the longer time. It     could lose its natural flavor and nutrients.
Fruits can hand round the best benefits when consumed half an     hour before the meal. It is the best option as snacks.
Most importantly, have fresh and organic fruits. Hybrid and     artificially, grown and nurtured fruits does not have natural     constituents.






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