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Unit / Term Quantity / Entity Symbol SI-Relation
ab - (abbreviation of absolute) prefix mainly attached to electric units) Prefix (cgs-unit)    
abampere Electric current   10 A
abcoulomb Electromagnetic(EM) unit of charge   10 C
abfarad Electric capacitance   1 x 109F
abhenry EM cgs unit of electric inductance   1 x 109H
abohm EM cgs unit of conductance   1 x 109W-1
1 x 109 S
abohm Electric resistance   1 x 109W
abvolt EM cgs unit of electric potential   1 x 10-8V
abvolt per cm EM cgs unit of electric field strength   1 x 10-6V.m-1
acre Land surface area   4 046,86 m2
admiralty mile (UK) Length; Distance (navigation)   1 853 m
ampere Electric current A 1 A
ampere (international of 1948) Electric current A 0,999 835 A
ampere hour Power rate Ah 3,6 x 103C
ampere metre squared EM moment; Magnetic dipole moment A.m2 1 A.m2
ampere per kilogram Exposure rate (ionising radiation) 1
ampere per metre Magnetic field strength A.m-1 1 A.m-1
ampere per square centimetre Electric current density 1 x 104 A.m-2
ampère per square metre Electric current density A.m2 1 A.m2
ångström Length; Wavelength Å 1 x 10-10 m
apothecaries ounce mass   31,103 48 g
astronomical unit Length; Distance (astronomy) au 149,598 x 109m
atmosphere Length; Distance (astronomy) au 149,598 x 109m
atmosphere (standard) Pressure atm 101 325 Pa
atomic mass unit Mass or Energy equivalent of Mass (1/12 of the mass of an atom of 12C amu (u) 1,66 x 10-27kg
1,660 540x10-27 kg
931,49 Mev
atto- Prefix a 10-18


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Unit / Term Quantity / Entity Symbol SI-Relation
bar Pressure bar 1 x 105(Pa)
barn Area: Particle interaction cross section b 1 x 10-28m2
barrel Volume bbl 158,99 l
becquerel Radioactivity: Activity of radioactive source Bq 1 s-1
bel Sound pressure level B  
biot Electric current biot 10 A
british thermal unit Heat quantity;
Btu 1,055 kJ
bushel (UK)
bushel (USA)
Volume bu 3,636 9 x 10m-2m3
3,524 x 10-2 m3


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Unit / Term Quantity / Entity Symbol SI-Relation
calorie (calory) Heat quantity cal 4,187 J
(International Table)
candela Luminous intensity cd 1 cd
1,471 m
candela per square metre (nit) Luminance cd.m-2
1 cd.m-2
1,471 mW.s-1.m-2
candle Luminous intensity cd 1,471
cape foot Length   0,314 86 m
cape rood Length   3,778 m
carat (metric) Mass ct 200 mg
2 x 10-4 kg
celsius (centigrade) Temperature °C t (°C)=
t(K) - 273,15
centi- Prefix c 10-2
centimetre Length;
cm 1 x 10-2
centimetre of mercury
Pressure cm Hg 1,333 224 kPa
centimetre of water
Pressure cP 98,063 Pa
centipoise Viscosity cP 1 mPa.s
centistokes Kinematic viscosity cSt 1 x 10-6m-2.s-1
chain (eng or Ramden’s) Length; Distance   30,48 m
chain (surveying or Gunter’s) Length, Distance   20,116 8m
circular mil unit of area (cross-section of round conductors) cir mil 506,707 5 µm2
clo amount of insulation
(skin temperature)
  0,200 371 K.m2, W-1
coulomb Electric charge;
Quantity of electricity;
Flux of displacement
C 1 C
1 A.s
coulomb metre Electric dipole moment C.m 1 C.m
1 m.s.A
coulomb per cubic centimetre Electric volume charge density 1 x 106 C.m-3
coulomb per cubic metre Electric volume charge density C.m-3 1 C.m-3
coulomb per square centimetre Electric surface charge density 1 x 104 C.m-2
coulomb per square metre Dielectric polarization Displacement C.m-2 1 m-2.s.A
cubic centimetre Volume cm3 1 x 10-6m3
cubic foot Volume ft3 2,831 7 x 10-2m3
cubic metre Volume m3 1 m3
cubic millimetre Volume mm3 1 x 10-9m3
cubic metre per kilomole Inverse of particle density; Molar volume m3.kmol-1 1 x 10-3 m3.mol-1
cubic metre per mole Inverse of particle density; Molar volume m3.mol-1 1 m3.mol-1
cubic yard Volume yd3 0,764 555 m3
cup (UK) Volume   284,131 ml
cup (USA) Volume   236,588 ml
curie Radioactivity, Activity of radioactive source Ci 37 ns-1
(37 x 1010 s-1)
cusec (cubic foot per second) Flow rate   (0,028 317m3 s-1)
cycle per second Frequency s-1 1 Hz


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Unit / Term Quantity / Entity Symbol SI-Relation
day (mean solar) Time d 86,4 x 103 s
day (sidereal)     86,164 x 103s
deca- Prefix da 10
decanewton Force daN 10 N
deci- Prefix d 10-1
decibel Sound pressure level dB  
decimetre Length dm 1 x 10-1 m
degree (angle) Angle ...° ??? 17,453 mrad
p 180 rad
degree celsius
(degree centigrade)
Temperature °C t(°C)=T(K) - 273,15
degree Fahrenheit Temperature °F 0,5556 K
=t(°F) + 459,67
degree Fahrenheit Temperature interval °F 0,555 556 (1/1,8) K
degree Rankine Temperature and temperature interval   T(K) = t/1,8
degree Rèaumur Temperature °R  
drachm (fl) Volume   3,552 x 10-3 1
drachm (apothecaries) Mass   3,887 93 g
dram (av) Mass   1,771 8 g
dioptre (inverse of the focal length in metre of a lens) Refractive power of a lens d 1 m-1
debye Electrical dipole moment D (b) 3,335 64 x 10-30 C.m
10-18 esu
dyne Force (cgs system) dyn 10 µN


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Unit / Term Quantity / Entity Symbol SI-Relation
e A constant (base of the natural system of logarithms) e 2,718 281 8
ell (obsolete) Length   0,685 8 m
electronvolt Energy eV 1,602 177 x 10-19 J
1 e.C-1.J
electromotive force (EMF) Rate of energy dissipation per unit current of a source EMF 1 W.A-1
erg Energy; Radiant energy erg 1 cm2.g.s-2
100 nJ
1 x 10-7 J


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Unit / Term Quantity / Entity Symbol SI-Relation
(temperature scale)
Temperature unit °F t(°C)=t(°F) - 32/1,8
(temperature interval)
  °F t(°C) = 0,555 556 °F
farad Electric capacitance F 1
1 A.s. V-1
1 C.V-1
farad (International of 1948) Electric capacitance F 0,999 505 F
faraday (based on carbon-12) Charge to deposit one mole of
matter electrolytically
F 96.487 kC.mol-1
fathom Length (British - usually for
water depth
fath 1,828 8 m
femto- Prefix f 10-15
femtometre Length fm 1 x 10-15 m
fermi Length fm 1 x 10-15 m
fluid ounce (UK)
fluid ounce (USA)
Volume fl oz 28,413 ml
29,573 ml
foot Length (British) ft 0,304 8 m
foot (Cape) Length ft 0,314 858 m
Illuminance (British unit) ft cd 10 764 1x
foot-lambert Luminance   3,426 258 cd.m-2
foot poundal Energy   42,14 mJ
42,140 x 10-3 J
foot pound Torque
Energy; Work (British unit)
ft-lb 42,14 mN.m
1,355 8 J
foot pound-force Torque   1,355 818 N.m
franklin Electric charge;
Electrostatic unit of charge
Fr 3,335 6 x 10-10 C
frigorie Unit of rate of extraction of heat
  1,162 639 W
furlong Length fur 201,168 m


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Unit / Term Quantity / Entity Symbol SI-Relation
gal Acceleration of free fall; Gravitational acceleration (cgs system) Gal 1 x 10-2 m.s-2
gallon (UK) Volume gal 4,546 1
gallon (USA) Volume gal 3,785 l
gamma Mass d  
gamma Magnetic flux
Magnetic inductance
d 1 x 10-9 T
giga- Prefix G 109
gigahertz Frequency Ghz 1 x 109 Hz
giganewton per square metre Pressure GN.m-2 1 x 109Pa
gigaohm Electric resistance;
GW 1 x 109W .m
gigaohm metre Electric resistivity GW .m 1 x 109W .m
gigawatt Power GW 1 x 109 W
gigawatt hour Energy GW.h 3,6 TJ
gilbert Magnetomotive force
(cgs system)
Gi(Gb) 1 x 10-6 Tm.µ ???-1
¼ pabamp
gill (UK)
gill (USA)
Volume gill (VK)
gill (VSA)
1,420 653 x 10-4 m3
1,182 941 x 10-4 m3
gon Plane angle gon p /200 rad
15,708 mrad
grad (grade) Unit of angle grad 1 grad = 1 gon
= p /200 rad
grain Mass (UK) gr (?) 64,799 mg
gram Mass g 1 x 10-3 kg
gram per cubic centimetre Density 1 x 10-3
1 x 103 kg.cm3
gram per litre Density g.l-1 1 x 10-3 kg.l-1
gram per millilitre Density 1 x 103 kg.l-1
gram per mole Molecular mass g.mol-1 1 x 10-3 kg.mol-1
gram-rad (obsolete) Absorbed radiation energy
g.rad 10 µJ
Ionisation charge caused by radiation (obsolete) g-röntgen 258 nC
gray Absorbed radiation dose
(derived SI unit)
Gy 1
1 m-2.s-2


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Unit / Term Quantity / Entity Symbol SI-Relation
hand (approx 4 inch) height   0,1 m
hectare Surface area ha 1 x 104 m2
hecto- Prefix h 102
hectobar Pressure hbar 10 x 109 Pa
henry Electric inductance
H 1
1 V.s.A-1
1 Wb.A-1
henry (International of 1948) Electric inductance H 1,000 495 H
henry per metre Permeability;
Inductance per unit length
H.m-1 1 H.m-1
1 Wb.A-1.m-1
hertz Frequency (cycles per second) Hz 1 s-1
horsepower (boiler) Power HP 9,809 50 kW
horsepower (UK) Power HP 746 W
hour Time h 3 600 s
hour (sideral) Time h 3,590 ks
hubble Constant Expansion of Universe H 50-100 km.s-1.MPc-1
hundredweight (short) Mass cwt 45,359 kg
hundredweight (long) Mass cwt 50,802 kg


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Unit / Term Quantity / Entity Symbol SI-Relation
inch (iron shoes and boots) Length in or " 2,54 x 10-2 m


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Unit / Term Quantity / Entity Symbol SI-Relation
joule Energy; quantity of heat;
Work; Radiant energy
Acoustic energy;
Energy imparted;
Mean energy expanded per ion pair
J 1 kg.m2.s-2
1 N.m
1 V.A.s
joule per degree Celsius Entropy J.°C-1 1 J K-1
joule metre squared per kilogram Total mass stopping power 1 J.m2kg-1
joule per cubic metre Radiant energy density;
Acoustic energy density
1 J.m-3
joule per kelvin Entropy J.K-1
1 J.K-1
joule per kelvin mole Molar entropy;
Molar heat capacity
J.K-1mol-1 1 J.K.mol
joule per kilogram Heat content;
Specific absorption;
Absorbed dose;
Specific energy imparted;
Dose equivalent (weighted);
Equivalent dose (weighted);
Effective dose (weighted) 1
joule per kilogram per degree Celsius Specific heat capacity°C-1 1°C-1
joule per kilogram per second (or hour) Absorbed dose rate;
Kerma rate;
Rates of all quantities in "joule per kilogram" above
joule per kilogram kelvin Specific heat;
Specific entropy
joule per kilomole degree Celsius Molecular specific heat J.kmol-1.°C-1 1 J.komol-1.°C-1
joule per kilomole kelvin Molecular specific heat J.kmol-1
1 J.kmol-1.K-1
joule per metre Linear energy transfer;
Lineal energy
J.m-1 1 J.m-1
joule per mole Molar energy J.mol-1 1 J.mol-1
joule per mole degree Celsius Molar entropy;
Molar heat capacity
J.mol-1.°C-1 1 J.mol-1
joule per mole kelvin Molar entropy;
Molar heat capacity
J.mol-1.K-1 1 J.mol-1.K-1
joule per second Energy flux J.s-1 1 J.s-1 (watt)
joule per square centimetre Radiant exposure 1 x 102 J.m-2
joule per square metre Radiant exposure;
Energy fluence;
Energy flux density
J.m-2 1 J.m-2
joule per square metre per steradian Time-integrated radiance 1


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Unit / Term Quantity / Entity Symbol SI-Relation
kayser Wave number   100 m-1
kelvin Temperature (thermo-dynamic temperature) K 1 K
T(K) =t(°C)+273,15
kilo- Prefix k 103
kiloampere Electric current kA 1 x 103 A
kiloampere per metre Magnetic field strength kA.m-1 1 x 103 A.m-1
kiloampere per square metre Electric current density kA.m-2 1 x 103 A.m-2
kilo calory (International table) Heat quantity kcal 4,186 8 kJ
kilocoulomb per cubic metre Charge density;
Volume density of electric charge
kC.m-3 1 x 103 C.m-3
kilocycles per second Frequency kHz 1 x 103 Hz
kiloelectronvolt Energy keV 1 keV
kilogram Mass kg 1 kg
kilogram calorie (large calorie) Heat quantity Cal 4,187 x 103 J
(International Table)
kilogram metre per second Linear momentum kg.m.s-1 1 kg.m.s-1
kilogram metre squared per second Angular momentum kg.m2.s-1 1 kg.m2.s-1
kilogram per cubic decimetre Density 1 x 103 kg.m-3
kilogram per cubic metre Density kg.m-3 1 kg.m-3
kilogram per litre Density kg.1-1 1 kg.1-1
kilogram per mole Molecular mass;
Molar mass
kg.mol-1 kg.mol-1
kilogram per second Mass flow rate kg.s-1 kg.s-1
kilogram per square metre Moment of interia kg.m-2 1 kg.m-2
kilojoule Energy kJ 1 kJ
1 x 103 J
kilojoule per degree Celsius Entropy;
Heat capacity
kJ. °C-1 1 kJ. °C-1
1 x 103 J. °C-1
kilojoule per kelvin Entropy; Heat capacity kJ.K-1 1 x 103 J.K.-1
kilojoule per kilogram Specific energy 1 x 103
kilojoule per kilogram degree Celsius Specific entropy;
Specific heat capacity °C-1 1 x 103°C-1
kilojoule per kilogram kelvin Specific entropy;
Specific heat capacity
kilojoule per square metre Radiant exposure kJ.m-2 1 x 103 J.m-2
kilolitre Volume kl 1 kl
1 x 10-3 m3
kilometre Length; Distance; Wavelength km 1 x 103 m
kilometre per hour Speed; Velocity km.h-1 1 x 103 m.h-1
kilomole Substance quantity kmol  
kilomole per cubic metre Concentration kmol.m-3 1 x 103 mol.m-3
kilomole per kilogram Molality 1 x 103
kilomole per litre Concentration kmol.1-1 1 x 1010 mol.1-1
kilonewton Force kN 1 x 103 N
kilonewton metre Work, Moment of force; Torque kN.m 1 x 103 N.m
kilonewton per square metre Pressure kN.m-2 1 kN.m-2
1 kPa
kilo-ohm Electric resistance; kW 1 x 103W
kilo-ohm metre Electric resistivity kW .m 1 x 103W .m
kilopound Force   9,806 7 N
kilosecond Time ks 1 x 103 s
kilosiemens Electric conductance kS 1 x 103 S
kilosiemens per metre Electric conductivity kS.m-1 1 x 103 S.m-1
1 x 103 W-1.m-1
kilovolt per metre Electric field strength kV.m-1 1 x 103 V.m-1
kilowatt Power kW 1 x 103 W
kilowatt hour Energy; Power consumption kW.h 3,6 MJ
kip (1000 poundon free) Force   4,448 22 kN
knot (international)
Speed kn 1 853 m.h-1
0,514 77 m.s-1
0,514 77 m.s-1


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Unit / Term Quantity / Entity Symbol SI-Relation
lambda Volume l 1 x 10-9 m3
lambert Luminance;
L 3 183 cd.m-2
langley Solar radiation J.m-2 41 849 K.m-2
large calorie Heat quantity Cal 4,187 x 103 J
leaguer     577,353 1
light year Length;
ly 9 460,55 Tm
(9,46x1012 km)
litre Volume l or L 1 x 10-3 m3
litre atmosphere Energy 1.atm 101,328 J
long hundredweight Mass long cwt 50,802 kg
lumen Luminance
Luminous flux
lm 1
1,47 mW
1,47 x 10-3 W
lumen hour Quantity of light lm.h 3 600 lm.s
5,292 J
lumen per square foot / metre Luminous existance;
Luminous flux density;
Luminous fluence rate
lm.m-2 1 lm.m-2
1,47 x 10-3
lumen second Quantity of light lm.s
1 lm.s
1,47 x 10-3 J
lumen second per cubic metre Luminous density lm.s.m-3 1 lm.s.m-3
1,47 x 10-3 J.m-3
lux Illuminance;
lx 1 lm.m-2
1,47 mW.m-2
1,476 x 10-3
1 J.s-1.m-2
lux second Light exposure lx.s 1m.m-2.s
1,47 x 10-3 J.m-2


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Unit / Term Quantity / Entity Symbol SI-Relation
mach Ratio of speed relative to speed of sound Mach Mach 1 = ?
km.h-1 at NTP
man-sievert Collective dose equivalent man-Sv 1 man-sievert
maxwell Magnetic flux (cgs system) Mx 1 x 10-8 Wb
mega- Prefix m 106
mega-ampere per square metre Electric current density MA.m-2 1 MA.m-2
1 x 106 C.s-1.m-2
megacoulomb Electric charge;
Quantity of electricity
1 x 106 C
megacoulomb per cubic metre Electric volume charge density MC.m-3 1 MC.m-3
1 x 106 C.m-3
megacoulomb per square metre Electric surface charge density MC.m-2 1 MC.m-2
mega-electronvolt Energy MeV 1 x 106eV
megagram Mass Mg 1 Mg
1 x 106 g
megagram per cubic metre Density Mg.m-3 1 Mg.m-3
1 x 106 g.m-3
megahertz Frequency Mhz 1 Mhz
1 x 106 Hz
megajoule Energy MJ 1 MJ
1 x 106 J
megajoule per kilogram Heat content 1
1 x 106
meganewton force MN 1 MN
meganewton metre Work MN.m 1 MN.m
meganewton per square metre Pressure MN.m-2 1 MN.m-2
1 MPa
megaohm Electric resistance MW 1 MW
1 x 106W
megaohm metre Electric resistivity MW .m 1 MW .m
1 x 106 W .m
megasiemens per metre Electric conductivity MS.m-1 1 MS.m-1
1 x 106 S.m-1
megavolt Electric potential;
Electric potential difference
1 x 106 V
megavolt per metre Electric field strength MV.m-1 1 MV.m-1
1 x 106 V.m-1
megawatt Power MW 1 MW
1 x 106 W
megawatt day Power consumption MW.d  
megawatt hour Power consumption MW.h 1 x 106 W.h
megawatt per square metre Radiant energy fluence MW.m-2 1 MW.m-2
1 x 106 W.m-2
metre Length; Distance; Wavelength m 1 m
metre per second Velocity; Speed m.s-1 1 m.s-1
metre per second squared Acceleration m.s-2 1 m.s-2
metre squared Surface area; Particle interaction cross section m2 1 m2
metre squared per kg Mass attenuation coefficient;
Mass energy transfer coefficient;
Mass energy absorption coefficient 1
metre squared joule Air Kerma rate constant 1
metre squared gray per becquerel per second Air Kerma rate constant (earlier known as T, i.e. specific gamma ray constant) m2.Gy.
1 m2.Gy.Bq-1.s-1
metre squared per second Kinematic viscosity;
Diffusion coefficient
m2.s-1 1 m2.s-1
metric horsepower Power ch or PS 735,499 W
metric ton Mass t 1000 kg
metric ton per cubic metre Density t.m-3 1 x 103 kg.m-3
mho Electric conductance mho mho
micro- Prefix µ 10-6
microampere Electric current µA 1 x 10-6 A
microbar Pressure µbar 1 µbar
1 x 10-6 bar
microfarad Electric capacitance µF 1 µF
1 x 10-6 F
microfarad per metre Permittivity;
Capacitance per unit length
µF.m-1 1 µF.m-1
1 x 10-6 F.m-1
microgram Mass µg 1 µg
1 x 10-6 g
microhenry Electric inductance µH 1 µH
1 x 10-6 H
microhenry per metre Permeability;
Inductance per unit length
µH.m-1 1 µH.m-1
1 x 10-6 H.m-1
micrometre Length;
µm 1 µm
1 x 10-6 m
micron Length µm 1 x 10-6 m
micronewton Force µN 1 µN
1 x 10-6 N
micronewton metre Work;
Moment of force;
µN.m 1 µN.m
1 x 10-6 N.m
micronewton per square metre Pressure µN.m-2 1 µN.m-2
1 µPa
micro-ohm Electric resistance µW 1 µW
1 x 10-6 W
micro-ohm metre Electric resistivity µW .m 1 µW .m
1 x 10-6 W .m
microradian Angle (plane angle) µrad  
microsecond Time µs 1 µs
1 x 10-6 S
microvolt Electric potential µV 1 µV
microvolt per metre Electric field strength µV.m-1 1 µV.m-1
mile (also statute mile) Length;
mi or m 1,609 3 km
mile per hour Speed m.h-1 1,609 km.h-1
mil Thickness; Distance mil 2.54 x 10-5 m
mil (circular)     506,707 µm2
mil (milli-inch) (thou) Thickness; Distance   25,4µm
milli- Prefix m 10-3
millampere Electric current mA 1 x 10-3A
millibar Pressure mbar 1 x 102 Pa
millifarad per metre Permittivity mF.m-1 1 x 103 F.m-1
millimetre squared per second   mm2.s-1 1 x 10-6 m2.s-1
millinewton per metre   mN.m-1 1 x 10-3 N.m-1
millinewton second per metre   mN.s.m-2 1 x 10-3 N.s.m-2
milliohm metre Electric resistivity mW .m 1 x 10-3W .m
milliradian Angle mrad 1 x 10-3 rad
millimetre of mercury Pressure mmHg 133,322 Pa
millibar Pressure mbar 1 x 102 Pa
millisecond Time ms 1 x 10-3 s
millitorr Pressure mTorr 1,333 mPa
1,333 x 10-3 Pa
millivolt per metre Electric field strength mV.m-1 1 x 10-3 V.m-1
millivolt ampere Power mV.A 1 x 10-3 V.A
milliwatt Power mW 1 x 10-3 W
minute Volume ...1 µ10/800 rad
minute (mean solar) Time min 60 s
minute (sidereal) Time   59,836 17 s
mole Substance quantity; (amount of substance);
Avogadro’s number
mol 1 mol
mole per joule Radiation chemical yield mol.J-1 1 mol.J-1
mole per cubic metre Concentration mol.m-3 1 mol.m-3
mole per kilogram Inverse of molar mass;
molality 1
mole per litre Concentration mol.l-1 1 mol.l-1
month Time mo 2,628 Ms
morgen Surface area   856 5 m2
muid (obsolete) Volume    
mud Volume   10,911 x 10-2 m3
myria metre (USA) Wavelength   10-4 m


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Unit / Term Quantity / Entity Symbol SI-Relation
nano- Prefix n 10-9
nanoampere Electric current nA 1 x 10-9 A
nanofarad per metre Permittivity;
capacitance per unit length
nF.m-1 1 x 10-9 F.m-1
nanometre Length nm 1 x 10-9 m
nano-ohm metre Resistivity nµ.m 1 x 10-9 µ.m
nanosecond Time ns 1 x 10-9 s
nanotesla Magnetic flux density nT 1 x 10-9 T
nautical mile (UK) Length; Distance; (sea and air navigation) nm (NM) (obsolete) 1 853 m
nautrical mile (Int) Length; Distance   1 852 m
neper (napier) Natural logarithm; log of square of ratio of two quantities Np  
newton Force N 1 kg.m.s-2
newton metre Work;
Moment of force;
N.m 1 J
newton metre squared per ampere   N.m2.A-1 1 N.m2.A-1
newton per metre Surface tension N.m-1 1 kg.s-2
1 N.m-1
newton per square metre Pressure N.m-2 1 N.m-2
newton second per square metre Dynamic viscosity N.s.-2 1 N.s.m-2
nit Luminance nt 1 cd.m-2


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Unit / Term Quantity / Entity Symbol SI-Relation
oersted Magnetic intensity (cgs system) Oe 79,577 A.m-1
ohm Electric resistance;
Electric impedance;
Wave impedance
µ 1 kg.m2.s-3.A-2
1 V.A-1
ohm metre Electric resistivity W.m 1 W.m
1 kg.m3.s-3.A-2
ohm millimetre Electric resistivity 1 x 10-3W .m
ounce (avoirdupois) Mass oz avdp 28,349 5 g
ounce (apothecaries’ or troy) Mass oz 31,103 5 g
ounce (UK) (also fluid ounce) Volume fl oz 28,413 ml
ounce (USA) (fluid ounce) Volume fl oz (liq oz) 29,573 ml


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Unit / Term Quantity / Entity Symbol SI-Relation
parsec Distance (astronomy) pc 3.086 x 1016 m
pascal Pressure, Stress Pa 1 kg.m-1.s-2
1 N.m-2
1 J.m-3
pascal second Dynamic viscosity Pa.s 1 kg.m-1.s-1
peck (UK) Volume   9,092 18 x 10-3.m3
peck (USA) volume   8,809 768 x 10-3.m3
pennyweight Mass dwt
(also pwt)
1,555 2 g
per degree Celsius Inverse of degree Celsius °C-1 1 °C-1
per henry Inverse of inductance;
H-1 1 H-1
per kelvin Inverse of temperature;
Coefficient of linear expansion
K-1 1 K-1
per metre Linear attenuation coefficient;
Macroscopic cross section;
Linear absorption coefficient;
Linear energy absorption coefficient;
Wave number
m-1 1 m-1
per ohm Inverse of electric resistance W-1 1 W-1
per ohm metre Inverse of electric resistivity W-1.m-1 1 W-1.m-1
per second Frequency;
Particle flux;
Decay constant;
Source strength
s-1 1 s-1
per square metre Particle fluence m-2 1 m-2
per square metre per second Fluence rate;
Flux density
m-2.s-1 1 m-2.s-1
per square metre per second Fluence rate;
Flux density
m-2.s-1 1 m-2.s-1
per square metre per second per steradian Particle radiance;
Angular fluence rate;
Angular flux density 1
perm inch (0°C)     1,453 22 x
perm (°C) Degree of permeability
(porous reservoir structure)
  5,721 4 x 10-11kg.
phot Illuminance;
ph 10 klx
1,47 mW.m-2
pi Constant p 3,141 593
pico- Prefix p 10-12
picoampere Electric current pA 1 x 10-12 A
picofarad per metre Capacitance per unit length pF.m-1 1 x 10-12 F.m-1
pica (printers) Letter type width pc 4,217 52 x 10-3 m
pièze Pressure pieze 1 kPa
pint Volume pt 0,568 1
point (printers) (7½ inch) Printers’ measure pt 0,352 46 x 10-3 m
poise Viscosity P 100 mPa.s
1 cm-1.g.s-1
poundal Force (fps system)   138,26 mN
pound Mass lb 453,59 24 g
pound-force Force lbf 4,448 N
pound-force per square inch Force; Pressure   6,794 8 kPa
pound per square inch Pressure or psi 6,895 kPa


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Unit / Term Quantity / Entity Symbol SI-Relation
quart (UK) Volume qt 1,136 52 l
quart (USA) Volume (dry) qt 1,101 22 l


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Unit / Term Quantity / Entity Symbol SI-Relation
rad (obsolete) Absorbed radiation dose;
rad 10
0,01 Gy
rad per hour (obsolete) Absorbed dose rate;
Kerma rate
radian Angle (plane angle) rad m.m-1 = 1
radian per second angular velocity rad.s-1 1 rad.s-1
radian per second squared Angular acceleration rad.s-2 1 rad.s-2
rankine (degree Rankine) Thermodynamic temperature °R 5/9 K
rem (obsolete) Dose equivalent rem 0,01 Sv
rem per hour Dose equivalent rate (obsolete) rem.h- 0,01 Sv.h-1
revolutions per minute Rotational frequency r.min-1  
rhe Dynamic fluidity   10 Pa-1.s-1
rod (UK and USA) Length rd 5,029 m
roentgen (obsolete also röntgen) Exposure to radiation R 258 µ
2,58 x 10-4
roentgen per hour (obsolete) Exposure rate R.h-1 0,01 Sv.h-1
rood (Cape) Length   3,778 m


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Unit / Term Quantity / Entity Symbol SI-Relation
sabin Acoustic absorption    
scruple Mass   1,295 98 x 10-3 kg
second Time s 1 s
second (angle) Angle ..." 4,848 µrad
shed Transfer probability shed 1 x 10-52 m2
siemens Nuclear physics
Electric conductance
S 1
1 W-1
siemens per metre Electric conductivity S.m-1 1
sievert (derived SI unit) Dose equivalent;
Equivalent dose;
Effective dose
Sv 1
sievert per hour Dose equivalent rate;
Effective dose rate
slug Mass   14,593 9 kg
square centimetre Surface area cm2 1 x 10-4m2
square kilometre Surface area km2 1 x 106m2
square metre Surface area;
Particle interaction cross section
m2 1 m2
square metre per kilogram Mass attentuation coefficient;
Mass energy transfer coefficient 1
square metre per second Kinematic viscosity m2.s-1 1 m2.s-1
square millimetre Surface area mm2 1 x 10-6 m2
standard atmosphere Pressure atm 101 325 Pa
short hundredweight Mass cwt 45,359 kg
standard acceleration of gravity Acceleration Gn 9,806 65 m.s-2
statfarad Electrostatic unit of capacity (cgs system)   1,112 7 pF
stathenry Electrostatic unit of inductance (cgs system)   895,755 GH
statvolt Electrostatic unit of potential (cgs system)   299,792 V
statcoulomb Electrostatic unit of charge   3,3 x 10-10 C
statute mile Length; Distance mi 1,609 3 km
steradian (sterad) Solid angle sr m2.m-2 = 1
sthène Force (mks unit)   1 x 103 N
stere Volume st 1 m3
stilb Luminance sb 1
10 kcd.m-2
stokes Kinematic viscosity st 100 mm2.s-1
1 x 10-4 m2.s-1
stone Mass   6,350 3 kg


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Unit / Term Quantity / Entity Symbol SI-Relation
tablespoon (UK) Volume   14,206 53 ml
tablespoon (USA) Volume   14,786 76 ml
teaspoon (UK) Volume   4,735 51 ml
teaspoon (USA) Volume   4,928 92 ml
talbot Light quantity   1 lm.s
tera- Prefix T 1012
terahertz Frequency Thz 1 x 1012 Hz
tesla Magnetic flux density;
Magnetic induction;
Magnetic polarization
T 1 kg.s-2.A-1
1 V.s.m-2
1 Wb.m-2
1 N.A-1.m-1
tex Yarn mass unit;
Mass per unit length
tex 1 mg.m-1
thou (milli-inch) Length, Thickness   25,4 µm
therm     105,506 MJ
thermie     4,1855 MJ
ton (long)
(2250 pounds)
Mass (UK) longton (lt?) 1 016,06 kg
ton (short)
(2000 pounds)
Mass short ton (st?) 907,2 kg
ton (metric) tonne Mass t 1 Mg
1 x 103 kg
torr Pressure Torr 133,32 Pa


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Unit / Term Quantity / Entity Symbol SI-Relation
unit pole Unit of magnetic flux   125,664 nWb


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Unit / Term Quantity / Entity Symbol SI-Relation
volt Electric potential;
Potential difference;
Electromotive force
V 1
1 J.A-1.s-1
1 W.A.-1
volt ampere Power V.A 1 V.A
volt ampere reactive Reactive power (electrical engineering) var  
volt per centimetre Electric field strength 1 x 102 V.m-1
volt per metre Electric field strength V.m-1 1
1 V.m-1
volt second   V.s 1 V.s


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Unit / Term Quantity / Entity Symbol SI-Relation
watt Power;
Radiant flux;
Radiant energy flux;
Radiant power;
Acoustic power
W 1
1 J.s-1
watt hour Energy; Power consumption W.h 3,6 kJ
watt per metre degree celsius Thermal conductivity W.m-1. °C J.s-1. °C-1
watt per metre kelvin thermal conductivity W.m-1.K-1 1 J.s-1.m-1.K-1
watt per square metre Radiant energy fluence rate;
Radiant energy flux density;
Radiant excitance;
Surface power density;
Acoustic intensity
W.m-2 1 J.s-1.m-2
watt per square metre per kelvin Coefficient of heat transfer W.m-2.K-1 1 kg.s-3.K-1
watt per square metre per steradian Energy radiance 1
watt second Energy W.s 1 J
watt per steradian Radiant intensity 1
1 kg.
weber Magnetic flux Wb 1 kg. m2.s-2.A-1
1 V.s
weber metre Magnetic dipole moment Wb.m 1 Wb.m
weber per metre   Wb.m-1 1 Wb.m-1
weber per square metre Magnetic flux density Wb.m-2 1 T
weber per millimetre 1 x 103 Wb.m-1
week Time wk 604,8 ks


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Unit / Term Quantity / Entity Symbol SI-Relation
x-axis Horizontal axis on a graph.    
x-ray radiation Form of electromagnetic radiation.   0.03 to 30 nm


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Unit / Term Quantity / Entity Symbol SI-Relation
yard Length yd 0,914 4m
year (calender) Time y 31,536 Ms
(365,0 days)
year (sidereal) Time sid.y 31,558 15 Ms
year (tropical) Time tr.y 31,556 9 Ms


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Unit / Term Quantity / Entity Symbol SI-Relation
z-value An index of the ionizing power Z Z = 2.859 x 104

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