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Articles » Hazardous Habits
Hazardous Habits

Human body is full of extreme sensitivities but we do not realize it on account of recovery or the immunity power granted to us by nature. This immunity helps us maintain the body disorders to certain levels but on the transition of time, the resistance power deduces on account of constant health ignorance.
Exposure to wrong life-style and certain kinds of food highly damages our body, directly to important organs/parts of our body like brain, liver, lungs etc.
Let us check out some of the most grievous habits, we reside within our routine lives.


The brain is one of the most important and highly complex organs in our body. Little low attention and care towards our brain can cause severe disorders in the long run.

1. Skipping Breakfast

Skipping the breakfast is the first wrong start of the routine. Omitting breakfast can lower down blood sugar level. The main job of blood sugar is to supply the necessary nutrients to all our body parts including the brain. As the blood sugar level reduces, it leads to the inadequate supply of nutrients and results in low metabolism and brain degradation. Skipping of breakfast also raises our hunger amount and develops the high potential for binge eating.

2. Overeating

Excessive eating, compared to our normal tendency, can cause harm to our body in multiple ways. Over eating hardens our brain arteries, which lead a decrement in mental power. It also stores the excess fat amount in the body, causing high level of cholesterol in blood and obesity. Over eating can also drive acne on skin due to indigestion.

3. Smoking

Smoking directly or exposure to the second hand smoke, both can similarly cause the various damages in our body. It can low down the ability of our lungs to send the oxygen in various body parts and mainly hindrances the muscle moments. It causes multiple brain shrinkage and may lead to Alzheimer disease. It can damage and cause oral, lung or brain cancer.

4. High Sugar consumption

Sugar is one of the most basic food supplements, which carry the highest health hazard rates. Excessive sugar interrupts the absorption of proteins and nutrients in our body, causing malnutrition and may interfere with brain development. Sugar can also cause a rapid rise of adrenaline, hyperactivity, anxiety, difficulty in concentrating and premature aging. It can also produce a significant rise in total cholesterol, simultaneously in obesity.

5. Air Pollution

As the brain is the largest oxygen consumer in our body, exposure to the polluted air is the highest risk on brain. Inhaling polluted air decreases the supply of oxygen to the brain, bringing about a decrease in brain efficiency. Air pollution can also cause headaches, dizziness, reduction in lung functioning, chances of asthma attacks and premature death.

6. Sleep Deprivation

Brain is the highly used organ of our body during the whole day. Therefore, sleep allows our brain to rest. Long term deprivation from sleep accelerates the death of brain cells. Deprivation of sleep can also cause depression, hypertension, slurred speech, irritability, tremors and reduction in reaction times.

7. Head covered while sleeping

While the body is in rest, we need ample of oxygen to revive the body cells. If the oxygen is not supplied properly, it can lead to malfunctioning of body cellular system. Covering the head, while sleeping, increases the concentration of carbon dioxide and decreases the concentration of oxygen in our body. Regular habit can lead to permanent brain damage.

8. Working during sickness

During sickness, our brain already remains in an incapable state of getting into the more process. Working hard or studying while sickness, may lead to a decrease in effectiveness of the brain as well as damage the brain in long run.

9. Talking Rarely

Talking less can deregulate the oxygen flow in the brain. Talking with different kinds of people can render the proper exercise to brain and develops the ability to understand and react properly. It also helps to grasp and understand the different modes of conversation. Most prominently, intellectual conversations promote the efficiency of the brain.

Liver is the largest and heaviest organ in the body. The main functions of the liver are to process nutrients from food, make bile, remove toxins from the body and build proteins. Some of our daily activities unknowingly cause severe damage to our liver. Mostly, the minor liver ailments hardly come up to the medical attention. These ailments can only be noticed during the higher stages.

1. Irregular sleeping and waking

Our body is naturally equipped with body clock and the liver functions according to it. Liver has to function alternatively on the basis of our food intake and sleep schedule. If body clock is disturbed, co-currently liver also gets disturbed and can face dysfunctional situation.

2. Not urinating in the morning

Liver throws out the toxins from whole body via urine. Removal of toxins is on the active stage during night. As a result, urine toxicities highly in the morning. This presumes higher essentiality for removal from our body. If it does not come out, it can cause severe interruption in liver functioning.

3. Excessive eating

Liver has the leading job to bifurcate the nutrients from the food consumed. If we eat excess food, it enhances the load liver causing indigestion and dehydration. This low downs the ability of liver functioning in long run.

4. Skipping breakfast

Liver delivers glucose in form of glycogen, at every four to six hours to be mixed with food. If we skip breakfast, this glucose gets wasted and the brain remains unfed as the liver routine stays unbalanced.

5. Excessive consumption of medication

Generally, allopathic medicines directly get in liaison with liver. These medicines have higher chemical values, with which liver has to compromise. Liver has natural tendency to get balanced but this ability cannot sustain with the excessive consumption of the medicines and can lead to severe damage.

6. Excessive consumption of synthetic food

We all know that synthetic foods are completely absent of natural compounds. Excessive consumption of food consisting preservatives, additives, coloring, artificial sweetener, pesticides, herbicides, stabilizers, artificial flavors, fake vitamins, tranquilizers, antibiotics etc. add nauseam, which give liver a huge stress to scrutinize the valid nutrients. Also, synthetic food exhibits the production techniques like genetic engineering, irradiation, high-temperature processing, hydrogenation etc., which leads to degeneration of liver.

7. Consuming unhealthy cooking oil

Cooking oil is usually a basic requirement but parallelly it harms body in many ways. Fatty oils obstruct the regeneration process of liver. We must reduce the use of cooking oil in our daily life and possibly replace it with sesame or olive oil.

8. Consuming Over-cooked food

Over-cooked food is completely drained out of vital nutrients and other substances. When it is consumed, liver has to make additional efforts to help the digestive system. Normally, vegetables should not be cooked more than 3/5th and should be consumed at single sitting.

In the fast-paced life, we do not attentively watch what and how much we eat. Some foods, which we often eat, have the highest risk of subsisting cancer, including health foods we find in supermarkets. We should heedfully check the risk factors lying in such food.

1. Hot Dogs

Nitrates are one of the prime elements which cause cancer. Hot dogs, without sodium nitrate, are almost impractical to find. We should not eat above 6 hotdogs a month, to be secured from cancer.

2. Processed food (Meat and Bacon)

All the processed and packed foods, including meats and Bacons, have high amount of nitrates (sodium nitrate), even though it is saturated. It starts with heart ailments and polarizes towards causing cancer.

3. Doughnuts

Doughnuts are the great pitfalls of cancer. They are prepared from white flour, sugar and hydrogenated oils. Again they are fried in extreme temperatures. This combination contains highest risk of causing cancer, if consumed above appropriate quantity.

4. French fries

Again a food with hydrogenated oils and then fried in extreme temperatures. The major part in fries, which cause cancer, is acryl amides. Unavoidably, acryl amides produce automatically, during the frying process.

5. Chips, crackers and cookies

All the fried and baked foods have some or the other risky elements like potassium bromate in it. Even the labels, which boasts to be trans-fats free, generally contains little amounts of trans-fats and preservatives, which can cause cancer at long run.

6. Saccharin and artificial sweeteners

Saccharin and artificial sweeteners have Acesulfame-potassium in it. This element does not meet FDA standards and demonstrates probability of causing cancer.

7. Synthetic Foods

All the synthetic foods, such as mint candies, use the high proportion of artificial colors. This FD&C colors are derived from coal tar. Consumption of these factors, over an extent, can cause allergic reactions into our body and govern it towards cancer.

Admitting self-control towards life is in our own hands. The first person, who will be benefitted by living healthy lifestyle, is our own self. Lets us understand the food facts and other habits and avoid health hazards.


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