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1. What is is an online Student Support System (SSS). Based on the structure of syllabi adopted by various state and national level boards, it advocates conceptual learning and its application. is perhaps the first such portal that completely deals in providing online education - a rapidly growing concept world over and especially in India.

2. What does offer?

Lessons / modules on are very comprehensive and interactive. Students enrol themselves for the subjects they wish to learn and go through the interactive site to learn the subject as and when they wish. When a student selects a subject, student is offered as many as 11 to 14 approaches to learn each chapter as under:

01. Audio Introduction
02. Animated Simulations
03. Explanation & Illustration
04. Numericals
05. Experts' Tips
06. Downloadable Glossary
07. Downloadable Synopses
08. Downloadable Formulae
09. Downloadable Textbook
10. Downloadable Maps
11. Quick-Review Reactions
12. Exercise Based Questions
13. Knowledge Based Questions
14. Multiple Choice Questions (Interactive)
15. Examination Based Questions
16. Grammar

3. What are the major benefits of joining

The best part of being a Mindfiestian is the freedom and encouragement that one experience throughout. As this is an online Student Support System, students are free to learn 24x7. Besides its interactive features encourage student's participation.

With all above mentioned what does exceptionally unique is that it brings students, parents, teachers and schools all together on the same platform. There are separate sections given for each.

  • We are:
    • Easily accessible 24x7
    • The most cost-effective in our segment
    • Constantly competing with ourselves to make us better every other day.

Students can add Smartness to their Hardwork by fixing their focus with our dynamic website to Learn Anywhere, Anytime.

4. How do I Register?

Just click on ‘Register for free’ on home page and fill up the quick registration form. You will receive login Id and password in your email. You can login using this ID and password and get access to all FREE features on our website.

5. Do I have to pay to register?

No. You don´t have to pay to register. Registration at is absolutely FREE.

6. What curricula / boards does follow? follows CBSE based on NCERT syllabi and Gujarat State Education Board syllabi.

7. Which standards does offer?

All senior standards like 10th, 11th , 12th and 9th

8. What are the subjects offered by caters to CBSE and GSEB (so far, is the only portal that caters to Gujarat Board students) with English as the medium of instruction offering Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Mathematics, Science, English and Social Science are available.

9. How is different from private tuitions? offers more freedom, convenience and cost-effectiveness compared to private tuition classes. You can learn as and when you wish from the comfort of your home. With you can cut on commutation saving yourself from hassles as well as expenses.

10. What other information do I get from

As a warm-up zone, 'lounge for learning' is our science and math powerhouse. is continually updated complete education portal. Along with material for your regular study subjects, has a continually updating bank of assorted articles on contemporary issues to keep parents, teachers and students on the same wavelength.

Students preparing for school projects get complete project support from various resources like NASA, Discovery, BBC and from our own customized Knowledge Bank as well, which hosts heaps of articles. has strived to strike a balance of work and fun, study and entertainment. It starts with its colourful graphical interface and goes up to sections like food for thought (puzzles) that stimulate their grey cells and provide space to chill out.

To make sure you don’t get lost in the maze there is a Calendar to keep you organized.

Want some personal academic mentoring? Go to Expert’s Opinion and write to our Experts. They will get back to you with a solution.

There is also a section called Ask a Friend to share all your personal worries and concerns.

11. How do I submit my feedback?

You can mail us your feedback to or post your feedback on “Help us improve” page.

12. I am a teacher. Can I be a member of

Yes. You can certainly be a member. Teachers are an integral part of the venture since its conceptualization. Here you will find plenty of educational material involving various teaching practices. Make use of this material to spice up your regular classes. Simply get yourself registered by filling up a quick registration form.

13. How can a teacher be part of

Teachers can send us resume at You can also upload your resume from teacher's section.

1. Can the validity be extended?

Validity doesn´t get extended. Subscriber has to renew the subscription.

2. Can I subscribe for a month?

Yes. You can subscribe 30 days subscription.

3. What are the subscription rates?

You can Subscribe for entire Mindfiesta Content from Subscribe page.

Payment can be made online using a credit card / net-banking. You can also purchase an e-pin from our sales person and make payment through cheque/ demand draft.

All the cheques / DDs should be drawn in favour of “Anukaanchan Solutions Private Limited” payable at Rajkot.

Anukaanchan Solutions Private Limited
104,Pattni Building,
Rajkot, Gujarat

Please write your Student & Parent Name, Address, Contact No, Email ID on the back of the cheque / demand draft.
1. What is "Hour Packs " in Mindfiesta?

In order to be easily accessible to as many students as possible, we have conceived the Hour Packs. These packs will allow and encourage virtually everyone to get a taste Mindfiesta. Now anyone (students, teachers, parents or institutions) can sample Mindfiesta or use it for accessing particular features of choice and pay according to their usage. It comes in 1 hour pack, 5 hours pack and 10 hours pack.

2. What does the Hour Packs provide?

Mindfiesta Hour Packs allows subscribers to access all the features on Mindfiesta of each and every subject of all Boards and all standards. With this new ‘Hour Packs’ introduced, now users can unrestrictedly use entire content of Mindfiesta study material, which is supported with audio and colourful simulations.

3. Whom does it benefit the most?
  • Mindfiesta Hour Packs is for people who…
    • ...are curious about Mindfiesta and want to get the taste of eLearning.
    • ...are already subscribers but wants to check into some of the particular features of other subject that they have not subscribed.
    • ...are teachers and may want to use Mindfiesta as teaching resource. As a subject teacher they may need access to certain features of their subject for all standards.
4. Does it have any minimum duration of session?

No. Mindfiesta Hour Pack calculates your usage on pulse rate of 60 seconds. The moment you log in, your duration countdown starts. You can see your remaining usages hours in the display countdown clock. So the best part is, you get to use your subscription till the very last minute.

5. Do I lose my hour in case of technical error like system shutdown, power cut, unexpected end of browser etc.? No. you don’t lose your hour in case of errors mentioned above. Your usage is counted ‘per minute’ basis. For example your session for an hour terminates abruptly when your clock displays 00:30:02; then next time you login, your countdown will start from 00:30:00. What you lose is 2 seconds in this case. In any case you never lose more than 59 seconds as the session is calculated on ‘usage per minute’ basis.

6. Is the amount refundable in any case?

No. the amount of the Hour Packs is neither refundable nor transferable. Hour Packs is the smallest duration subscription which is conceived as a way out to sample Mindfiesta. It is available in as small as 1 hour pack. You are advised to become a free registered user to check Mindfiesta free features and decide whether to go for an unrestricted extensive trip with Mindfiesta Hour Packs

7. How do I get to know my status regarding to time I have spent so far and time I still have.

As you log in as Hour Packs subscriber, you will have a countdown clock displayed on the screen throughout your session. Details of your previous usage will be in your profile on the dashboard.

1. What is ‘Generate Paper’?

This section allows students to create customised full-length test papers, that they can sit to write according to the board paper style and do practice for exams.
How the papers are generated ? Can I have my input in creating the paper?
‘Generate papers’ section generates paper by selecting questions from the huge question bank as per board paper style. You can absolutely have your inputs in form of choice that you make. You can opt for

  1. Single chapter paper,
  2. Paper from selected chapters or
  3. Full-syllabus paper.
2. Do I write the paper online ?

No. Once you have generated the paper, you can sit for the test at your convenience and compare the answers with the keys given. This system of self-evaluation is to encourage participation and spirit of responsibility in you.

3. When and how do I get my results?

As mentioned earlier, this is an automatic generated customised practice paper. Before you sit to write the paper offline, you need to save it . You can turn to it for answer keys to evaluate your performance when you have completed the paper writing.

4. I am registered free user. Can I use this feature?

Registered users can sample the feature but cannot have unlimited access to it.
1. What is ‘Take Test’ ?

‘Take Test’, as the name suggests, is a test module that operates on internet platform. More precisely, with Take Test section, students will be able to take up customised Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) tests.

2. How the tests are created? Can I have my input in creating the test?

‘Take Test’ section creates test by selecting questions from the huge question bank. You can absolutely have your inputs in form of choice that you make. You can opt for

  • Single chapter test
  • Test from selected chapters or
  • Full-syllabus test.
3. When and how do I get my results?

Results with answer key are displayed online instantly. You can judge your knowledge, speed, skill, memory, confidence and measure your level of compliance on the spot.

4. Can i save my test or score for my future reference?

Yes. You can save your last 10 tests and its scores as well for your future reference.
I am free registered user of Can I use this feature?
Partially yes. Registered users can sample the feature but cannot have unlimited access to it.

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